Sex and The Country

Welcome, this isn’t an attempt at resuscitating this blog. For some days now I have had the urge to put some of the most nudging thoughts in my head on a paper, yesterday the urge was really pressing, so here.
On Easter Sunday my Twitter timeline got really interesting, a South African man had gone to Dubai to engage in anal sex for 50k $ to purchase a Benz, there were also pictures of him in Dubai with wads of dollars. Someone had leaked the conversation between himself and the Arab man and it was dirty, very dirty.
It didn’t stop there, several other revelations and more DM leaks of women who have gone to Dubai for the randiest holiday for commercial gain began to pop up. A Nigerian woman sent an anonymous piece out confessing to the most ridiculous, extreme and disturbing sexual ritual and fetishes known to some (definitely not me). I cringed as I read her confession of having slept with 10 men at once and a dog, how she’s been pissed on and poo’d upon. How a finger had been stuck up in her butt hole and she licked a butt hole too. It freaked you out uhn? Well, I don’t expect any other reaction.
I am sure news or rumored tales of what Nigerian young ladies now go to Dubai to do isn’t news anymore. In fact, some say it was due to the activities of these young unguarded ladies that led to the decision by the Dubai authorities banning single Nigerian blow 40 to travel alone. Whether that was true or not, would one blame the Dubai authorities? The UAE is one of the very progressive Arab nations in the world trying to balance its religious beliefs while keeping its interaction with the rest of the world liberal. It reminded me of a scene from the Sex and The City series where Charlot was booed by the Dubai men during one of their trips there for her “indecent dressing”. It wasn’t different from the tales of what I have heard of Saudi men, Iran and all. Their die hard love for bedding African women and still appear holy. I remember it’s the same with Nigerian men and probably the world, or maybe not.
Men love sex, even though many of them suck at it. (I imagine a lot of ladies would scream abi ooooo). A lot of people love to eat, some love to work out and yes, others love to have sex. The morality of whether this human phenomenon should be tied to one person or multiple sex partners is not why I am blogging about this topic. Why I am blogging about this is the annoying prejudice/lies told against sex. From news report and books I have read, a lot Arab men love sex, and keep tons of sexual partners despite the stiff laws with regards such practices in their countries. They and their chauvinistic approach to life. Not until recently, Saudi women never had the right to vote, they never drove a car and most of them were forced to marry their husbands. In the case when they refuse, they are killed!! its called honor killing. And guess, its carried out by their father or brother. The woman get killed for bringing dishonor to his father’s house.  There are also stories of how Nigerian women are turned to sex slave in Oman, Libya and Qatar. Housed for years, never to be seen outside, fed, slept with, used as a sex gift to friends, colleagues and boys attaining manhood ascension. the stories abound, yet Saudi Arabia is suppose to be the most holy land and its people, the men especially the prototype sample of good Muslim man.  Anyways, i have always opined that a lot about Saudi Arabia doesnt represent Islam in anyway. For instance, some days back i watched an interview on AlJazeera with the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Syria seeking election for Syria, while in Saudi, there isnt an election as the King is the alpha and omega. In fact, it was mentioned t=in that interview that to complain about the leadership or seek for a changed in leadership is a crime punishable as treason. We all have read of the story of the Saudi writer who was jailed for his book where he asked several questions ranging from; leadership, patriarchal society  and Islam as a religion.
Nigerian men (many that I know and read about) seem to only live for sex. Everything with a typical Nigerian man is tied to sex. We carry on with it sometimes we’ve heard bizarre stories of men who sold their houses for sex. But show a Nigerian man a woman who loves sex as much as he does you’d hear “she’s a whore”.
You’re laughing right? I am too. A Nigerian big man does so much to have sex outside his marriage but want you to believe he’s never heard of it before though he has 5 children. Same I have found must be the problem with the Arabs, why cocoon behind Jalabia and Islam yet wallow in sexual nefariousness promiscuity? Why are men bias towards sex and the women who have them though they love it too? Why call a girl a whore and you a champion for getting as much action as men do?
Is it wrong for a sexually active woman to crave or have sex as much as their male counterparts?